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Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows on linux

for this demo we will install wine and WoW

This "how to" assumes that the graphics drivers are all ready installed


to install type the code below

apt-get install wine

this will install wine on the system now we need to setup wine


just set it to windows xp

Installing world of warcraft

there are 2 ways to do this

1. Copy the files from your cd’s to a folder, go into the folder and run the Installer.exe

cd /path/to/folder/
wine Installer.exe

2. copy a pre installed copy of the game from windows to (this does not work from a windows 7 install)

.wine/c_drive/program file/wow

once the game is installed the settings need to be changed so the game will run

open and edit the WTF file

 sudo nano .wine/c_drive/program file/wow/WTF/

and add the lines

SET SoundOutputSystem “1″
SET SoundBufferSize “150″
SET gxApi “OpenGL”

now we are ready to play the game

wine .wine/c_drive/program file/wow/WoW.exe -opengl

playing WoW

At times the game may not load at all. just restart wine and run without openGL

wine .wine/c_drive/program file/wow/WoW.exe