Lightning runners

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The Lightning Runners is a clan formed in 2000. You can visit our Clan Homepage.

We have a LAN night once a mouth (this is known as the "LAN Clan")

Games we play

  • UT3
  • UT04
  • COH
  • SOSE
  • COD2
  • COD4
  • WOW
  • Half-life dethmatch
  • GTA SA (only for fun now)
  • Will Rock (only for fun now)

Clan Members

Rank Name
Clan Leader Wingman
Clan Co-Leader Krill2000
Clan Elder - web site Xephirothic
Clan Elder Mr Winchester
Clan Elder Warbird
Clan Elder Saphirarose
New Recruit Death
New Recruit Froggy
New Recruit Ladyblack