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These pages assume some knowledge on the part of the user. If you do not feel confident in changing system wide settings that could break your system, lose you money or even eat your cat, then you should not be reading this.


Cisco: Overview
Cisco: Change Password
Cisco: Configure a Cisco ADSL Router with IOS



Debian: apt-get
Debian: ipsec-tools

Howto Documents

Linux: Megaraid SAS
Debian: Asterisk PBX
Debian: DNS Server
Debian: Firebird Database Server
Debian: Hosting Server
Debian: Mail Server
Ubuntu: DMZ Mail Relay
Debian: Samba PDC Server
Debian: Samba 3 Active Directory Member
Ubuntu: Samba 4 Active Directory Domain Master
Debian: IPSec VPN Server
Debian: SSL OpenVPN Server
Debian: Web Server
Debian: x509 Certificates
Linux: Backup Strategies
Linux: Linux from Scratch - CF Firewall
Linux: Editing Text with the VI Editor
Ubuntu: Calendar Server
Ubuntu: LDAP Authentication
Ubuntu: LDAP Administration and Integration with GOsa2
Ubuntu: Make a secure encrypted vault
Ubuntu: Virtualisation Server
Ubuntu: Mac file server with Netatalk
Ubuntu: Migrate to Grub2
Ubuntu: Groupware with SOGo
Ubuntu: Alfresco Document Management
Linux: GPT partitioning


Linux: Fun with Command Line Utilities
Linux: LDAP automation

Linksys WRT-54G

WRT54G: Wireless Client

Macintosh OSX

Mac: Rsync Backup
Mac: NFS mounts
Mac: Applescript
Mac: Reseal OSX Installation


Windows: Auto Login
Windows: Fetchmail POP3/IMAP Mail Collection
Windows: IPSec/L2TP Client
Windows: Rsync Backup
Windows: WSUS - Local Windows Updates